Death Of A Dictator

Saddam is gone. I remember in early 1991, 3rd Grade at Gause Elementary, we would post news clippings of the Gulf War on our bulletin board. We followed it closely. We nicknamed him “Saddam Insane”. We were pretty witty for eight-year-olds.

Now he has been convicted and executed by a court of his former subjects. This is a unique event, a former leader being legally executed by his own country. It does not happen very often, and no matter your view on the Iraq War, it is a good sign. The rule of law is ruling in Baghdad.

Saddam Hussein takes his place on the ash heap of history along with other dead dictators. He will now be nothing more than a memory, a photo in a textbook alongside Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Tse-tung, and others who murdered their own citizens.

People wonder why I so love the study of history. Look around, history is happening as we speak! There once was a time when all that we read in the history books was actually happening. This is that time, for all generations to come.


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