Culture of Life

Dr. Grant:

In perhaps its most divisive and controversial decision since Dred Scott, the Supreme Court overturned the infanticide and homicide laws in abortion cases in all fifty states by legalizing abortion procedures from the moment of conception until just before the moment of birth.

Joe Carter:

We convince ourselves that they simply don’t realize what they’re doing. If only they could see the pictures. If only we could convince them that the “fetus” is a person. If only they knew it was a human life they were destroying. If they only knew, they wouldn’t — they couldn’t — go through with the abortion.

But they do know. And the abortions continue. Not because we live in a culture of death but because we live in a culture of me.

I have always held the belief that human life, even that of unborn children, is worth defending. Any possibility of debate ended for me when I realized that at the moment of conception, a new being is created. It may not have all the physical features of an adult. It may not survive on its own. It may not be able to cry out in pain or express emotion. However, it has its own unique DNA. At the genetic level, this fetus, this unborn child, is just as much a human being as you or I.

One would think that with the advances in science would enable us to show more compassion rather than less. Today we are able to display a live video feed of an unborn child only a few weeks into development. Yet along with scientific progress comes a massive human hubris. As Joe Carter points out above, today’s culture has become a culture of “me”.

I have bemoaned this fact before on this young weblog. Children are taught that they are their own gods, so to speak. They are taught that being themselves and living their dreams is the ultimate goal of living. Why should outdated morals prevent a woman from removing an inconvenient growth? Sexual promiscuity should be without consequence – after all, that is the very essence of freedom, right?

Society today has no concept of freedom combined with responsibility. Ask anyone about freedom and perhaps they will mention the Declaration of Independence. You know, Thomas Jefferson wrote that all men (and women) have an inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness.

What did the signers of the Declaration endure? Death, torture, and war. They understood freedom with responsibility. I have the freedom to say what I want to say, but I am aware that some statements can lead to a loss of my job, the alienation of my friends, or even lawsuits if they are extreme enough.

Men and women today are taught that they have a right to do whatever they want, consequences be damned. Ironic. Divine karma will win in the end. If murderers face no consequences in this life, I am sure they will in the next. For every woman and doctor who destroy a human life for the sake of convenience that think it is harmless, I am sure many more realize what they are doing and must try and rationalize it away.


How many Nazi death camps is that? And that is just in the United States of America. Since 1973.

How is a person, a church, to respond? Marches and advocacy, politics and law, they have not stemmed the tide. Even if abortion were outlawed tomorrow, the culture would not change. We would still live in a culture of me. A culture where personal fulfillment is the highest ideal.

Tonight I began reading P.D. James’ Children of Men. Women all over the world become infertile all at once, and the human race begins to die out. An implication is made that after creating a culture of death, where children are sacrificed to the god of convenience, the real God takes away His gift of childbearing. Humankind is left to die.

Perhaps mankind deserves such a fate. We are already dying. Where is compassion? Where is holiness? Where is an awe and reverence for the Creator of the universe?

The Old Testament relates how the Ammonites and several other Canaanite tribes sacrificed babies and children in barbaric rituals to their heathen gods. The people of Israel were commanded to wipe them out, replacing their evil with the worship of the true God.

How is the United State of America any different from the Ammonites, in the eyes of God?

I titled this post “Culture of Life” because I thought that I could talk about a proper church response to the culture of death. Yet now I am discouraged. I see how the abortion holocaust is the worst symptom of the culture itself. So many churches are indistinguishable from the culture at large.

The most godly men and women will stand out like sore thumbs in this nation. Perhaps that is where Christianity lives best. The first Christians did not go to mega-churches and tackle social issues of the Roman Empire. No, they shared their possessions, prayed together, and preached the gospel.

The gospel. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved, and your house. Let your light so shine before men, that they see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

With apologies to Mr. Reagan, the United States of America is not a shining city on a hill. It is a nation steeped in the blood of its most helpless. Yet the command of our Lord is to preach His gospel, to live His gospel.

That is really all we can do in the end. The culture of life is not to be found on this earth, but have hope! Our Lord promises that He is preparing us a place, where there are no more tears, no more death.


I wonder if they are in heaven now. I wonder what kind of people they are, what personalities. Will their mothers recognize them, should they meet in eternity?

Thank God for mercy, or else none of us have any hope at all. The culture of death is an outgrowth of a human nature shared by you and me. God is calling us out of that world and into a new creation. Let your light shine.


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