We’re All Going To Die!

Well, eventually. Take a guess as to how many people have died from the so-called swine flu. From the media coverage, it must be a lot. At least fifty. Perhaps even a hundred, or more!

Actually, according to the World Health Organization, the answer is…. seven. In the entire world.

That’s right. For all the hysteria and proclamations of doom, seven people have died of this bug since the panic began. To put that in perspective, on average more than 80 people die each day in the United States alone from the regular not-swine flu.

Remember the bird flu? SARS? Even AIDS in the early 90s was hyped beyond reality. Politicians like to scare us, it makes it easier for them to control us. The news media loves panics like this, they can sell more papers and ads. I think some people like to be scared like this. It makes them feel like part of something important – as if we’re all in this together.

Oh well. Soon it will all be over, and the majority of people who lack any form of historical perspective will be ripe for the next media-induced panic. Egyptian Termite Flu, anyone?

Read this article and turn off the news.


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