The Ikea Effect

This has been bouncing around the internet today. Apparently, people are more psychologically attracted to things they build themselves:

Have you ever spent a couple of hours working on a craft project — or a presentation for work — and then fallen in love with what you’ve accomplished? Do the colors you’ve picked for your PowerPoint background pop so beautifully that you just have to sit back and admire your own genius?

If so, get in line: You’re the latest person to fall victim to the Ikea Effect.

I have maintained for a while that my food is objectively better tasting the more I make it myself. When I pick the blackberries from a park and make the crust by hand, the experience of the pie is many times better than if I just went to the store and bought it. When I make something with my own hands, I am more intimately involved in the process of creation, obviously. I am more invested in the object than if it is mass-produced in a factory somewhere and arrives in my hands fully constructed.

On the other hand, buying something from Ikea does not necessarily fit that description for me. Sure, their products require assembly at home, but on the other hand, they are still mass-produced somewhere.


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