Racism Nostalgia

Steve Sailer compares the current racial hysteria to the UFO phenomenon:

After the 1950s, the press slowly figured out that it shouldn’t get too worked-up over flying-saucer sightings. But Klansmen on the campus of what is perhaps the most frenetically liberal college in America? How couldn’t it be true?

Seeing racists under the bed is the latest manifestation of the adolescent hysteria that triggered the Salem witch trials in 1692.

It seems as if the more that real racism decreases, alleged racism increases. Gone are the days of black people being forced to sit in the back of the bus, of segregated water fountains and lunch counters, of Jim Crow and slavery. But according to the media, we are plagued by racists as never before.

It should be clear to anyone capable of logical thought that “racism” today is not a malady of the average white man, but is instead a weapon used by the media and the Left to silence those who dare to disagree with them. Incidents like what happened at Oberlin are the norm in this pernicious environment.


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