Plus ça change…

Oh, what is that? this blog has been quiet for a while? My life has been changing. In the last year, I spent a summer traveling the continent, settled on the other side of the state, went back to school, moved into a new place, found a woman worth marrying, and finally gave in to the inevitable and shaved my head.

Much has not changed in our world. Riots and revolutions keep happening. The national debt keeps increasing. Politicians speak platitudes, feminists ignore reality, and Al Gore declares that the sky is falling every other day. Some things, however, seem to be changing, albeit slowly. People are starting to notice that the real world does not resemble the fantasy created in the imagination of college professors and beltway journalists. The talk coming from Steve Sailer, Chateau Heartiste, Vox Day and others is getting harder for people to ignore. Is this the time where America wakes up to the reality that the good times of the last generation are coming to an end? Or are we going to go back to our reality TV and take for granted the media’s line that increased government spending and opening the borders to unrestricted immigration is the key to prosperity, while decrying the hesitancy of traditional Christians to fully endorse homosexuality and transgenderism as the biggest problem of our era. Interesting times, indeed.


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