Problem Solving

To a modern-day progressive, the problems in our culture are things like racism, sexism, wealth inequality, and the continued existence of conservative culture. Two of the key progressive beliefs are 1) man is inherently good, until corrupted by an unjust society, and 2) society can be perfected if only the right policies are enacted. Whenever progressives achieve something, though, they always move on to something new, something that suddenly becomes the most important cause ever. Thus the focus on microaggressions these days – activists have to be outraged about something, and we have reached the bottom of the barrel.

There are other problems in the world that are not so important, mostly because they are failures of a progressive Democrat president, and thus to be ignored. China hacking the personal records of over twenty million Americans does not seem to warrant concern. Nearly a hundred million American adults out of the workforce does not seem to be a problem. Tens of millions of immigrants entering our country illegally is seen as good, not worrying. Russia’s military expansion is only problematic to the progressives because they censor gays. The rise of the Islamic State in the Middle East and the tangible threat of a new caliphate is seen as less important than making sure we all understand that Bruce Jenner really, truly, is a woman now, and probably always has been.

I am sure that if we ignore the second group of problems and focus on solving the first group, then everything will be ok.